Welcome! My name is Britni Favero, and I am the owner and teacher at Born to Sing Vocals. I have been studying the voice and healthy vocal methods for over 15 years, and I am very passionate about both singing and teaching. I am a certified teacher with the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). As a certified voice instructor I require of myself to constantly excel and commit to a number of educational hours and vocal teaching events each year. This process encourages me to be a teacher who is constantly growing and bettering myself for my students.

I have always enjoyed singing and the stage, and from a young age soaked in and observed the talent of legends. I have studied with the acclaimed Jeffrey Skouson as both a vocal student and as a teacher, as well as many other vocal Master Teacher's around the world, including Maestro Seth Riggs. My devotion is to help each student find confidence, strength, and agility in their own unique voice. I am very passionate about continuously advancing my education by observing Master Teacher's from around the world instruct both vocal pedagogy, vocal science, and performance development courses. I am immensely passionate about teaching and furthering my education and experience, and am completely devoted to continuously educate myself to be a first-class teacher for my students. 

Why Should One Take Music Lessons?

The benefits of taking music lessons are endless, and help to create life-long habits to ensure success in all areas. Some of these benefits include self-confidence, time management skills, improvisational skills, charisma, creativity, self-motivation and determination. Learning an instrument (including the voice!) also improves learning habits and concentration abilities, and exposes students to history and culture.